It’s easy to fall in love with a gorgeous natural sinks, but just like any other relationship, you want to know a little bit about the object of your affection before making a lasting commitment. These stones have passed a long journey to get to this point, they have witnessed countless eras and will serve numerous generations to come.

As nature uses shape to hold charge of our lives, it makes complete sense to use nature’s shapes and proportions to shape our dwellings and our lives. In terms of architecture and design we believe, by creating spaces that are based on the pure principles of natural ingredients, can provide a pleasant environment that can nurture our minds and body.

Every stone has a potential to create a unique piece, it just needs to be formed and led by the natural process. The original material will become precious object; design provides an added value to the piece. It enhances the stone material through combination of handcrafted work and mechanical process with the latest technology.

This original, hand made, high end sink features a smooth, polished texture that deliver the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. The rustic river stone has its integrity intact. Each sink has its own character, and its elemental nature will integrate seamlessly into your design.